MULTIFORM bridge parapet | For bridge construction

When it comes to bridge construction, the MULTIFORM® bridge parapet is everything you need.

The MULTIFORM bridge parapet system is specifically designed to provide a quick and safe cantilever formwork. Facilitating the construction of concrete edge projections and parapets of composite steel girder and pre-cast concrete bridge decks, whilst utilising much less equipment than a traditional under-slung arrangement.

The MULTIFORM parapet brackets come fully assembled so no time is wasted on site. As a result, fewer components are likely to be lost or damaged in the process. All work is carried out at deck level due to the unique fully adjustable jack feature, which removes all requirements for timber packing once in place by allowing the user to simply set the positioning jacks.

Versatility & accessories

The versatile MULTIFORM beam allows for bolt-on options to be used to deal with any size of parapet arrangement, or combined to form a range of heavy-duty shoring solutions, especially in bridge construction. For example, the system can simply be bolted together at the joints to form a 1000 kN leg-load tower for heavy shoring of bridge beam structures.

The large handled tapered she bolt allows for simple and easy removal from the set concrete and the MULTIFORM c-hook completes the systemised approach, enabling large units to be economically crane lifted for erection and striking.

Systemised truss beams with a load bearing capacity of up to 3200 kNm are suitable for shoring in situ bridge decks, even if they are heavy and long-span decks. And last, but not least a MULTIFORM full plate girder beam with a safe working load of 12000 - 24000 kNm is used together with the MULTIFORM trusses to give a launched in situ bridge deck solution.

MULTIFORM bridge parapet at a glance

  • Versatile system to suit all requirements
  • Adjustable jacks
  • No time consuming timber packing
  • Reduced access requirements
  • Delivered and returned fully assembled
  • Multiple units can be connected and moved together
  • Speed of erection, striking and reuse
  • Edge protection attached at deck level for operative safety

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