Self climbing formwork (SCF) | Towering structures without a crane

Tall tower-like concrete structures can be built with SCF (Self-Climbing Formwork) from Hünnebeck without having to utilise a crane. With the aid of an inbuilt hydraulic device, the modular formwork system climbs vibration-free, step-by-step matching the pace of construction.

Stripping, climbing and shuttering are all part of an automated process. The ratio of the number of brackets to the area being shuttered is adapted precisely to the building’s geometry. All the formwork and bracket components are designed as complete, self-supporting functional units, perfectly adapted to the specific site conditions.

Our self climbing formwork is compatible with all modern beam and frame formwork systems including MANTO®.

Self climbing formwork (SCF) at a glance

  • 150 kN loading per bracket with a width of 8.5 m
  • Possible shuttered surface up to 5.5 m high and 17 m wide
  • Formwork can be retracted by up to 90 cm (scaffold use)
  • During the climbing process, all platforms stay horizontal
  • SCF satisfies all British, German and US safety standards

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