20.01.2014 New Quick Strike Collar increases speed and versatility of Harsco's GASS® shoring system

Harsco Infrastructure has extended the versatility of its GASS® aluminium shoring system with the launch of a new Quick Strike Collar component which not only significantly improves the ease with which GASS® legs can be struck under high loads but also reduces the noise on site.

 "The lightweight GASS® aluminium shoring system is widely used within the construction industry however Harsco realised that the system could benefit further by increasing the efficiency on how the current GASS® collar was struck, when being used to support particularly heavy loads,” says Harsco Group Engineering Design Manager, Jason Black, who led the development of the new Quick Strike Collar.

 The new, patented, Quick Strike Collar had been developed without additional requirements to existing GASS® inner legs. It can be released quickly and easily, using a hammer or an articulating spanner, even when supporting loads of up to 140kN.

 “Using a hammer to release the standard GASS® collar under a heavy load requires a number of blows which creates extra noise on site and can also potentially damage the component,” adds Jason. Harsco developed a purpose-designed articulating spanner which not only eliminates the need of hammer but also simply attaches to the new collar and drops the GASS® table by a carefully predetermined amount. “Compared to a hammer this spanner enables fine and accurate adjustments to be made to the GASS® leg heights allowing for greater flexibility when setting table heights,” adds Jason Black.

 The new collar has undergone extensive testing, both in the development stage and also under real-world conditions, on a major project in London, and it has proved to be a reliable and extremely valuable new component for the GASS® system.

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