"Marktscheune" in Hallstadt Germany

Project facts

Description "Marktscheune" in Hallstadt
Client Angermüller Bau GmbH
Duration 9 months
Challenge Especially high requirements in terms of formwork planning and delivery

The multifunctional "Marktscheune" in Hallstadt (Bamberg Rural District) is a multi-element building complex built entirely of reinforced concrete, including all the roof surfaces. A multiply folded pitched roof with surfaces at varying angles and exposed concrete surfaces imposed tough demands on formwork planning and execution. The enclosing walls of the first floor and the gable walls visible up to the tip of the roof, all of fair-face concrete, demanded a detailed and carefully considered formwork arrangement. However, the carcass took only nine months to construct.

Constructing the pitched roof, in particular, with simple formwork solutions "off the peg" was out of the question. Almost exclusively custom solutions have been employed here. To pour the roof as cost-effectively as possible, Hünnebeck's formwork planners conferred closely with project management in designing solutions specially attuned to the conditions on site.

The TOPMAX steel-frame floor table proved to be a particularly popular formwork product on the construction site. A total of 6,000 m² of slab surfaces were poured with some 750 m² of TOPMAX and some 250 m² of TOPEC modular formwork (for the adjustment areas). In addition, the TOPMAX tables also served as work platforms for construction of the upper reaches of the multiply folded, pitched roof surfaces. The floor tables were set up to create a safe working surface with planking in the shortest of times.

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