State Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment (BSU) in Hamburg Germany

Project facts

Description State Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment (BSU) in Hamburg
Client Riedel-Bau
Duration 2011-2013
Challenge Curved geometry and long building wings

The new administration building for the roughly 1,400 employees of the BSU is the flagship project of the International Building Exhibition in 2013. The showpiece for ecological building consists of an over 55 m tall high-rise and two 130 m and 160 m long building wings. Colored facades and curved building frontages are the distinctive features of the winning design from planning team Sauerbruch Hutton (architects from Berlin) and Reuter & Rührgartner GmbH (engineers from Rosbach). On its completion, the colorful building complex will contain roughly 46,000 m² of gross floor space, supplemented by a parking level and a sublevel. The open, curved structure is certainly exciting from an architectural point of view, but it does add to the level of difficulty during fabric construction.

The innovative TOPMAX steel-frame floor table is being employed as a projecting slab edge table form. In the building interior with its complex geometry, the slabs are being shuttered with the classic TOPFLEX timber beam slab formwork system. This procedure has demonstrated enormous efficiency in the course of the project. Overall, almost 400 TOPMAX floor tables for a total formwork surface of about 4,500 m² are in operation on the BSU site.

On the BSU project, crane time is in short supply. In addition to the crane-operated TOPMAX transfer fork (1,250 kg payload), a TOPMAX table lift is therefore also in action and is responsible for the lion’s share of the vertical movement of TOPMAX tables. It is also being used for hoisting the TOPFLEX material to the next storey.

PROTECTO is being used as the safety system.

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