Bushley and Ripple M50 bridges UK

Project facts

Description Bushley and Ripple M50 bridges
Client Midland Reinforced Concrete Ltd
Challenge Phase 1 : To provide equipment during the build of two viaducts eastbound, adjacent to existing westbound viaducts. Phase 2: To build two viaducts westbound adjacent to new eastbound viaducts

Hünnebeck (Formerly Harsco Infrastructure) is helping to improve the Gloucestershire road network with its involvement in a major viaduct construction programme taking place near Tewksbury. Hünnebeck has supplied a formwork and safety system allowing for the Bushley and nearby Ripple viaducts to be replaced in a staged process.

In Phase 1 the two eastbound carriageway viaducts were re-built while the westbound viaducts temporarily carried both traffic directions. Second phase will see the westbound viaducts demolished and replaced with new ones with the new eastbound viaducts carrying both traffic directions. The same work is being carried out simultaneously on Bushley and Ripple bridges. The continuously changing nature of the project has demanded a flexible and adaptable approach from Hünnebeck. While new concrete bridge surfaces are being created on site, Hünnebeck’s Multiform® cantilever parapet bracket system is being used to allow the construction of new parapets. It provides a quick and safe cantilever formwork for the new parapets to be built in-situ. Hünnebeck’s EXTRAGUARD™ edge protection system is also being used on the project to ensure the highest levels of site safety for the site operatives.


Multiform® can be used on either composite steel girder or pre-cast concrete bridge decks so it was ideal for this project. It involves the use of much less equipment than a traditional underslung alternative, and along with the fact that the brackets are provided fully assembled, this makes it faster to install. This a particular benefit to this project, as the two carriageways are being built separately, and the Hünnebeck equipment is being used to provide simultaneous bracket support and access on both sides of each structure.


"The Multiform® system allows us to build the pre-assembled brackets into standard size units and then simply crane them into position. This significantly reduces the need for any work at height, and once the parapets are poured we can crane the units down ready to be moved to another area. It’s a solution that’s both very safe and very quick to use."

Tony Nicholls, Managing Director Midland Reinforced Concrete (Specialist project contractor)


The Multiform® parapet system allows all work to be carried out at deck level thanks to a unique, fully adjustable jack feature which removes the need for timber packing. The system consists of just one standard bracket size made up from Multiform® beams, and this enables bolt-on extensions to be fixed for the creation of longer units.


The Multiform®brackets are supplied fully assembled which speeds installation times, and in the case of the M50 viaduct they are used together with Hünnebeck’s DU-AL™ aluminium beam deck which feature timber inserts to allow plywood to be fixed where required. Hünnebeck equipment is also being used to ensure maximum onsite safety. The EXTRAGUARD™ system allows the creation of high visibility barriers which provide the highest standard of edge protection.

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