One St Peter Square UK

Project facts

Description One St Peter Square
Client AJ Morrisroe
Challenge To provide safe working area beyond the slab edge for the site operatives, as well as to provide edge protection over 3 slab levels to prevent material falling onto the street below.

A rail-climbing perimeter screen system from Hünnebeck (Formerly Harsco Infrastructure) is helping to keep things safe on a major new commercial development in the heart of Manchester. The Safescreen® system is being used on the One, St. Peter’s Square project, to achieve full-height enclosure of multiple work floors and safeguard site personnel against falls from height, objects and debris being dropped from height, and adverse weather conditions.

"It’s an unusual structure which really demonstrates some of the benefits of the Safescreen®system," explains Hünnebeck’s Product Engineer Nigel Phan. "The concrete frame contractor on this project, AJ Morrisroe of Borehamwood, had used Safescreen®on previous site so were well aware that the system was suitable for this project."

The Safescreen® edge-protection units used in Manchester feature a perforated metal mesh which encloses the work area and provides a high level of reliable protection for the workforce. The mesh also delivers excellent protection against the elements while still allowing good vision between the levels enclosed.

The asymmetrical shape of the concrete-framed building posed a particular scheme design challenge, especially as the perimeter of the structure recesses every other level. However the Safescreen® system was sufficiently versatile to accommodate this and other demanding features. "The upper floors are stepped in and out from the building line to create an irregular facade," adds Nigel Phan. "This creates different clearances to the slab edge, but the Safescreen® units feature pull-out platforms which can be used to equalise these differences."

The platforms enable Safescreen® to create a uniform layer of protection, and on some floors to provide valuable additional working space which extends beyond the slab edge. This feature can be particularly beneficial for floors where concrete has been freshly poured.

Despite the high floor to soffit heights, the 13m tall Safescreen® units weigh in typically at just 2.1 tonnes. A heavy duty lifting capability has not been required and this has helped reduce the time needed for installation quite significantly with easy to manage loads. The restricted nature of the city centre location however meant that units were required to be assembled off site and transported to Manchester ready for virtually immediate installation – fabrication of units is quick and simple and the system caters for this scenario – further reducing the time required for installation.

When a level has been constructed, the screens can be raised using simple hydraulic equipment – a process which can be carried out by just three operatives owing to the simplicity of the system.

When complete in 2014, the 270,000 sq ft the development will accommodate a variety of different uses ranging from office accommodation through to a cultural space for public exhibitions.

"We have chosen Hünnebeck’s solution as it offers a product that suits our project and provides our site operatives with a safe work place. Hünnebeck Safescreen is easy to manipulate and off-site assembly speeds up processes on site. The screen not only protects our work force from weather conditions and falling objects, but also offers an extended work platform beyond the slab edge."

Chris Hession, Site Manager AJ Morrisroe 

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